Advancing Music and Minorities Research

How to Apply:


If you are interested in submitting an application for an AMMR grant, please get in touch with MMRC’s research coordinator Malik Sharif ( and schedule a counseling session to discuss any questions you might have regarding the seed money initiative and to avoid typical misunderstandings and ineligible applications. The counseling session is mandatory for potential applicants and will take place online.

After the counseling session, you are invited to submit the following application documents (in English):

  • letter of motivation (not longer than 2 pages)
  • CV (not longer than 3 pages)
  • lists of publications (indicating peer reviewed publications), grants and awards, and other academic achievements
  • abstract of the project idea that will be developed into a funding application, outlining the project’s alignment with MMRC’s conceptual and theoretical foundation ( and indicating the intended funding program (not longer than 2 pages)
  • a short text addressing the eligibility criteria of the intended funding program and demonstrating that the candidate and the project idea fulfil all criteria
  • recommendation letter by a senior scholar (required); applicants may at their own discretion include additional and optional recommendation letters by persons/organizations relevant to the project idea, such as musicians or representatives of minority communities or NGOs

Please send your application documents in one PDF file and in the listed order to:

Deadline for applications: 21 January 2024


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